Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

Industrial Millwright (433A certified)

Pertinent Details: Direct Hire full time career opportunity. Unionized facility. Day and afternoon swing. Not a ton of overtime.

Compensation Package: $38.41-39.21 /hour benefits + savings plan (paid out yearly) + uniform + boot allowance

Location: Windsor, ON

Job Description:

Reporting to the Maintenance Supervisor, the Millwright is responsible for, but not limited to,

  • Diagnose and remedy any mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic problems in the Cambridge Plant.
  • Perform all duties as outlined by the Provincial Government in accordance with Regulated Trade 433A Industrial Mechanic Millwright.
  • Possess all hand tools that are common to the trade.
  • Work and perform preventive maintenance on all welders, weld fixtures and all other equipment in the facility.
  • Able to read, interpret and use micrometers, verniers, etc.
  • Conversant with the operation and use of machine tools, lathes, mills, grinder drills, etc.
  • Have working knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Capable of lining up shafts and couplings, motors and drivers, etc.
  • Able to scrape and bed bearings ways, slides and gibs.
  • Able to determine cause of breakdowns and establish actions for remedy.
  • Should possess knowledge for evaluation by sound and/or visual appearance on press performance. (ie. hitting too hard, off-loaded on one Pittman and report condition before unnecessary damage is caused).
  • Conversant with trouble-shooting on all automatic lube systems and be capable of determining if lubrication is getting to all points of the machine.
  • Capable of removing broken pieces of equipment and repairing by welding or the complete refit and reassemble of replacement parts.
  • Able to establish wear points and determine the amount of slop as it relates to crankshaft bearings, Pittman bearings, knuckle joints, etc.
  • Able to complete overhauls and major repairs to all plant machinery and equipment.
  • Have working knowledge of air logic controls (pneumatic)
  • Have working knowledge of hydraulic logic controls.
  • Should be capable of slinging, unloading and/or dismantling heavy pieces of equipment in an efficient and safe manner (both to other works and equipment).
  • Knowledge of lifting capacities of various types of cables, slings, chokes, shackles and related lifting gears. Know when it is in safe, usable condition.
  • Knowledge of the load capacities of weighted chains at the various angles of lift that may be involved in hook-up of their load.
  • Capable of levelling up machine foundations, grouting in, if necessary, and levelling to very precise measurements, all types of heavy equipment during installation.
  • Capable of reading and following instruction manuals in detail, together with blueprints, drawings and sketches, to carry out the proper installation and set up of heavy or light equipment.