Our recruitment process

Our recruitment and placement procedures have been refined over our many years in business, into a process that ensures the provision of only the best and most qualified candidates for any given position.

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Hundreds of resumes are received each week, and are screened for qualifications, experience, employment history and transferrable skills. Only those selected will be called in for a personal interview.

Every candidate is interviewed with one of our Technical Recruiters. Candidates being interviewed will complete an application and provide authenticity of education, such as degrees, certifications as well as business related references. Our Recruiters will thoroughly interview the candidate and provide additional information on capabilities, character and work history. The interview process allows us to further screen candidates, and only the best move to the next step.

Candidates having completed a successful interview are referenced. Only work related references are permitted and must be of a supervisory nature. As past work performance is the single best indicator to future performance, our comprehensive referencing helps evaluate technical skill, work performance, attendance, reliability, cooperation, attitude, etc.

Successful candidates will be subjected to our in-house interactive web based skills assessment testing. Our program includes over 1500+ available tests, that can specifically test for any skill set. Test scores are reviewed and evaluated for placement feasibility. We also have multiple “mechanical” and “dexterity” testing that is available upon request, and have no problem incorporating any specific testing requirements our customer may request. Successful candidates are profiled in our database of available candidates for placement.

All relevant information pertaining to a specific job order is recorded accurately and included in a formal quote to our customer advising of our terms and conditions for placement. Our candidate profiles are reviewed for matches to the job order. Qualified candidates are advised of the potential position, and then complete resume packages are submitted to the customer for their review.

We highly encourage customers to meet and interview prospective candidates. We arrange interview times either on or off-site. We prepare potential candidates for the interview process by providing an understanding of the customer's business activities, environment and job expectations.

Each candidate selected by our customer to report on-site, must successfully undergo a five module customized Health & Safety Program that includes the following: (1) Employee Placement Paperwork; (2) GPS General Orientation; (3) Customer On-Site Specific Orientation; (4) Orientation & Test Review and (5) Basic WHMIS & Worker Health & Safety Awareness Training/Testing/Certification.

After one week of employment, the customer is contacted to review the progress of the new employee and to address any concerns or issues.

After one week of employment, the employee is forwarded an “Employee Health & Safety” questionnaire, to ensure that the on-site Health & Safety training, job specific training and integration is proceeding smoothly. If there are any concerns on behalf of the employee, resolution is immediate.