Registration Process

Our internal interview and qualifying process for every candidate is the same. It is initiated by the candidate submitting an up to date resume in confidence to our office.​

Not all applicants are interviewed, however, those with solid and relevant employment experience are contacted. Potential candidates are then matched with one of our qualified Technical Recruiters geared to your designated employment search, and an interview is requested and set up for a mutually beneficial time.

The interview is a relaxed and honest setting, with the objective of identifying a candidates strengths, interests and personal career goals. Any recruitment firm can review a resume and assume what that candidate can or cannot do – we make no assumptions. We ask all the right questions to illicit the right answers, and then factor in one’s general character and soft skills to paint the full picture – “we know where you’ve been (your resume)…we want to understand where you want to go (your career)”.We offer complimentary resume guidance, interview tips and even consult with those looking to change direction with their employment strategies.

Employer’s know that “past performance predicts future performance”, so we at Goudreau Personnel by Swinton put much effort into our referencing process. Every candidate must provide two-three work related references. We may also request proof of training and educational documents that are relevant to the recruitment. And lastly, you may be requested to conduct some internet based job specific assessment tests, that help us measure your skill set and knowledge level.

A candidates file remains active with Goudreau Personnel by Swinton until we are told otherwise!! All services and placements are “free of charge” to our candidates!!

Our professional team of Recruiters are always happy to answer any questions that you may have, and guide you in the direction that best suits your personal goals!

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