Employee Agreement:

All employees submitting timecards for payment of wages, agree to accept the following terms and conditions unconditionally as a requirement for continued employment with Goudreau Personnel by Swinton:

    1. Timecards must be submitted weekly, on Monday before 12:00p.m, and submission (via fax, email, or dropped off ) is the sole responsibility of the employee. Late timecards will not be processed until the following week, and will be combined into only payment.
    2. All employees will notify Goudreau Personnel by Swinton with immediate notice for all instances of lateness, sickness, workplace injury, absenteeism, harassment, discrimination or unsafe working conditions.
    3. No employee will be allowed to work in excess of 60 hours per week.
    4. Employees are restricted to the job for which they were hired.
    5. No employee under any circumstances, may operate any machine or vehicle for which they are not qualified, certified, trained, licensed or insured.
    6. Employees are not allowed to travel or work off-site, at any other facility other than the one to which they were assigned, without the express permission of Goudreau Personnel by Swinton


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